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28th January Brenda King online show

We're delighted to be able to put on a small online exhibtion of paintings by Brenda King. We showed Brenda's paintings for a couple of years before her sudden death in 2011. It was always a pleasure both to deal with Brenda and to exhibit her work. It is great that interest continues to be shown in her work.

The paintings in our show are the collections of a couple of private sellers. While most of our art-work is sourced directly from the artists themselves, we do occasionally come across third parties with paintings for sale - you can see our current range here. It includes work by Margo Maeckelberghe, Roy Ray and Joan Gillchrest. We hope you enjoy seeing Brenda's paintings again. You can view them (from 1st February) here.

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12th November Newsletter number 2

The early reception to our first newsletter last month wasn't exactly auspicious. The first three people to read it promptly unsubscribed from our mailing list! But better news lay ahead and we were very pleased by the kind comments made by many of our regulars. Thank you to them. The second one is now available here. In it we have details of the Edinburgh Art Fair which begins very soon, our Xmas show at the end of the month, and new work from Terry Whybrow and Neil Davies.

Here's a personal favourite from Terry's latest work:

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15th October First ELEVEN AND A HALF Newsletter!

We always like to keep people on our mailing list up to date with what's going on with ELEVEN AND A HALF. However,our approach to emailing has been somewhat haphazard in the past. As part of a new resolution to be better orgainsed, we'll now be emailing out newsletters with details of forthcoming shows and fairs, new work by our artists, and any other events that we think our friends and customers will be interested in. In keeping with our past, the newsletters won't be sent at regular intervals! We'll only send them when we have something sensible to tell you about and never more than one per month.

If you'd like to start receiving these please sign up to our mailing list here. You can see what you're signing up for by viewing the first ever ELEVEN AND A HALF newsletter here. Hope you enjoy it!

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22nd September new work by Lincoln Kirby Bell

We recently received a new range of work by Lincoln Kirby Bell and as usual it's fantastic! There are some new items: bottle vases and large cylindrical vases, and some great new designs, notably the frog relief. We'll taking many of the larger pieces up to Scotland for the Edinburgh Art Fair - people loved it there last year - and we'll have the full range in our Christmas show back in the A&D Gallery in late November.

If you can't wait until these events, we've photographed much of it and put it on the website here.

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17th July John Piper show

Thanks to everyone who visited us at our John Piper show at the A&D Gallery a couple of weeks ago. It was our first one-man show and we were very pleased with the way it looked and the response from those who visited. Here's a personal favourite from the show:

We're now making plans for our Annual Summer Show, now in its fourth year. We'll once again be returning to Trebehor in the far west of Cornwall. Details to follow soon.

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29th April Affordable Art Fair, Bristol

Thanks to everyone who paid our stand at the Affordable Art Fair, Bristol, a visit last week. The fair was extremely well attended and we were delighted by the response to our work. Bristol is a very relaxed fair and, in the spectacular setting of Brunel's old Station, a fun event for both exhibitors and visitors alike.

We received a significant amount of new work in the run-up to Bristol. Much of it is now on this website and the rest will be there soon. Here's a great new piece of work by Neil Davies:

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29th March New artist: Paula Downing

The Chelsea Art Fair is only a couple of weeks away and we're very pleased that we'll be there exhibiting another new artist, Paula Downing. Paula's hand-made ceramic constructions recall the best traditions of the St Ives School. Her work is inspired by the Cornish landscape and the mine workings that scar West Cornwall are a clear influence. Texture comes form the addition of various minerals to the clay while colours arise from heavily grogged slips.

I've just added 8 pieces of Paula's work to the website here. We'll have many of them at Chelsea and the rest at Bristol. I hope you can make it along to one of the fairs to take a look.

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19th March New artist: Noel Betowski

We're delighted to announce that Noel Betowski has agreed to exhibit with us. Born in Essex, Noel studied painting at Central St Martins in the 1970s and has been exhibiting widely since 1981. Since moving to Cornwall in the late 1980s Noel has become an integral part of the local art scene, both through his paintings and his love of Celtic music. The landscape and maritime activities of west Cornwall are a key inspiration for his work.

We will first be showing Noel's paintings at the forthcoming Chelsea Art Fair (11th-14th April) and subsequently at the AAF Bristol (25th-28th April). Three of the paintings we will be showing can be seen here. More to follow.

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11th February Michael Praed in America

Our first art fair of the year is another 2 months away. We had nothing planned for this period but recently Michael Praed gave us access to some work that he had produced on his travels around the US. It seemed too good a chance to miss and so we decided to present some of the paintings in an online exhibition. This will run for 6 weeks starting on Valentine's Day. The paintings offer a fasciniating insight into Michael's techniques and painting processes. Michael's travels in Arizona inspired many paintings back home in Cornwall, especially the recent work on gulls and other sea birds. These can be linked back to paintings of eagles above Death Valley.

The online show can be viewed here.

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