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Sophie Carter

Sophie Carter was born in Cornwall in 1972 and grew up in the county. She always had a passion for drawing and painting but initially pursued a career in horticulture. Following a break to have a family, Sophie returned to her lifelong ambition to be an artist. She enrolled at the Newlyn School of Art and spent 3 years there, culminating in their mentoring course. She now paints full-time from her studio in Redruth.

"I tend to work intuitively and often from memory. Not knowing entirely where the painting will take me is partly what drives me as an artist. A large part of my practice is about the movement of paint and how it behaves with little or no manipulation. I apply paint allowing it to rest as it chooses. I then work into this ground adding layers of interest, occasionally washing off partially or rubbing back. Ultimately, I allow the initial layers of paint to lead me to the final outcome of the painting."

Interest in Sophie's paintings has been steadily growing. Her work is now shown in galleries throughout Cornwall and beyond.

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