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Gary Long

Gary Long was born in Birmingham in 1945. He studied art there before embarking on a career as an illustrator, working for many major national and international publishers including spells in both Vancouver and Toronto. As well as many advertising projects, Gary’s work from this time includes illustrating film posters, such as those for the Paul Newman film When Time Ran Out. Since moving to the West Country and later to Cornwall, Gary has worked as a lecturer on figurative drawing at Falmouth College of Art and still combines this with his painting. Today Gary lives in Lelant, close to St Ives.

Gary is inspired by the coastlines of Penwith and the Isles of Scilly and many of his paintings are landscapes from this region. His characteristic wave paintings, often in triptych form, dramatically convey the raw energy of the sea but remain an impression of the scene rather than a pure illustration. He builds texture into his work by over-painting in several layers; the resulting effect of light on the painting adding to the impact of the image.

Gary’s work is shown regularly in galleries across the West Country and worldwide and his paintings have a strong following throughout the country. Gary was elected an artist member of the Society of Illustrators in New York in 1993.

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