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Vincent Wilson

Vincent Wilson was born in Mold, north Wales, and studied painting and printmaking at Chester and Liverpool Schools of Art. His work was first exhibited in 1954. Vincent lived in north Wales and Lancashire for some years before moving to Cornwall in the early 1960s. He currently lives and works in Saltash.

Vincent's work captures the atmosphere and openness of the Cornish landscape, particularly the moorland. He makes numerous sketches in location but in his studio works mainly from his imagination. His paintings consist of layers of torn fragments of paper, arranged and re-arranged until the composition is complete.

Vincent has exhibited his work widely across the UK, including at the Royal Academy and the Royal West of England Academy. His work is held in private, corporate and government collections throughout the UK and in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Vincent is a member of the Penwith Society of Artists, the Royal Cambrian Academy and was elected to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen in 1995.

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