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Terry Whybrow

Terry Whybrow was born in 1932 in St Pancras, London. He trained and worked as a furniture designer for many years before moving to Cornwall in 1980 and taking up painting full-time. Today he lives and paintings right in the heart of St Ives.

Upon moving to Cornwall Terry was heavily influenced by the abstract movement that had been based in St Ives in the mid-twentieth century, in particular Ben Nicholson and Sir Terry Frost. Reversing the trend of many artists, the shapes and forms of his early work gradually developed into the fruit and bowls of the still-lifes for which he has become well-known, whilst always retaining a strong sense of composition and structure from his design background. His works have a serene and tranquil nature that belie Terry’s meticulous approach to their painting, framing and indeed naming.

Terry’s paintings have been shown widely across the UK and especially in the South East where he has a particularly strong following. His work has also been exhibited world-wide and is held in private collection globally.

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