Painters of West Cornwall

Ben Catt
Neil Davies
Jill Eisele
John Emanuel
Brenda King
John Piper
Michael Praed
Nick Praed
Iona Sanders
Terry Whybrow
Vincent Wilson
Jenny Woodhouse
Other painters
Chris Buck
Colin Caffell
Lincoln Kirby Bell
Craig Underhill
Latest work
Reg Watkiss
Cliff and Headland Below Tremedda mixed media on card, 8in x 20in, Sold.

Reg Watkiss was born in London and studied painting at the Royal Academy of Arts. He moved to Cornwall in his mid-twenties and worked as both an art teacher and commercial photographer as well as being the author of three popular books of historic photographs of the region.

Watkiss is remembered for his paintings of the landscape of West Cornwall. Simply painted blocks of browns and oranges illustrate the patterns made by the miles of stone hedges. Sweeping, barren moorland hills depict the occasional bleakness of the wind-swept peninsula.

Reg Watkiss' wife Gill is another well-known local artist.