Painters of West Cornwall

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Nick Praed
Iona Sanders
Terry Whybrow
Vincent Wilson
Jenny Woodhouse
Other painters
Chris Buck
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Lincoln Kirby Bell
Craig Underhill
Latest work
Margo Maeckelberghe
untitled oil on board, 24in x 42in, £7000

Margo Maeckelberghe is one of Cornwall's foremost contemporary landscape painters. Born locally she studied in Penzance and at the Bath Academy of Art at a time when Peter Lanyon, Bryan Wynter and Terry Scott were teaching. She spent a year working as a studio assistant to William Scott before returning to Cornwall and developing the painting style for which she is well-known. Sweeping strokes depict moody, barren landscapes, often depicting the north Cornwall coast between St Ives and Land's End.

Margo's paintings have been exhibited widely, most notably in the solo show Extended Landscapes at Tate St Ives in 2008.