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Jill Eisele

Jill Eisele spent many years teaching art in Banbury and Newbury before moving to Cornwall 5 years ago and taking up painting full time. She now works from her studio deep in the countryside of Penwith, in the far west of the county. Inspired by the surrounding landscape and the local artistic community, Jill's work has had considerable success in Cornwall, and has been taken on by several galleries.

Jill says "I am always trying to use (paint) in different ways…thin, thick, with collage or with sand and raw pigment. Paintings are typically on Canvas, but some are on paper and therefore under glass. Colour is enormously important, and I hope all my pieces resonate in some colourful way. I always have several pieces on the go at any one time. Paintings are finished when they say something beyond the obvious".

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