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Jenny Woodhouse

Jenny Woodhouse spent much of her childhood in Cornwall. After a period undertaking various art projects outside the county she returned to live there in 1983. She studied Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art and today lives and works in St Ives.

Jenny's seascapes tend not to depict a specific place but a feeling for the natural environment and the elements of West Cornwall. Inspired by observations made on walks around the coast of Penwith, Jenny's paintings are completed back in her studio in St Ives. There she builds up layer upon layer of paint, often scratching into the surface to create texture and form. The final result is somewhere between abstraction and figuration but clearly convey the essence of the Cornish coast, its isolation and its drama.

Jenny has exhibited widely throughout the West Country and beyond. She is a member of the Penwith Society of Artists in St Ives.

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