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Latest work
Craig Underhill

Craig Underhill's ceramics are heavily influenced by the environment around him. His pots, akin to 3D paintings, describe the passing of geological time and the impact of human history on the natural landscape. In his studio, surrounded by his sketches, Craig works slabs of clay with his hands to create a soft surface into which he scratches and etches various shapes and forms. He then uses glazes to add both colour and texture to the finished piece.

After graduating in Portsmouth with a degree in Fine Art, Craig spent several years teaching in further education while simultaneously producing work to be exhibited around the UK and across Europe. For many years, Craig's ceramics have been shown in St Ives and in 2020 he moved to Cornwall, setting up a studio just outside Hayle. This new environment now inspires much of Craig's work and the influence of the ancient landscape of west Cornwall is clear in many of his recent pieces.

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