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Colin Caffell

Colin Caffell produces high-alkaline-glazed stoneware pottery fired in an electric kiln. These are hand thrown, thrown and coiled, or composite original works mainly inspired by views of the Atlantic Ocean from Sennen Cove. Colin's greatest challenge with these 'seascape' pots is to get glaze colours, which are basically chemical reactions, to behave in a painterly way, like pigments. Effects are built up with brushed-on coloured slips on the raw pot, followed by various dipped and brushed on oxides and glazes before the second firing.

Colin developed his skills as a ceramicist at Camberwell School of Art in London, where he was taught to throw and design pots by Ian Godfrey, Colin Pearson, Glenys Barton and Ewen Henderson amongst others. His greatest influence, however, has probably been Lucie Rie, to whom he has always been grateful for the time she gave him at her studio. Colin is also an accomplished sculptor, modeling in clay and casting in bronze. His latest commission, a 7ft sculpture of a Cornish tin miner, has recently been installed as a memorial at Geevor tin mine and has attracted considerable acclaim.

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