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Ben Catt

Ben Catt was born in London in 1970. He studied sculpture in Newcastle before beginning a career working for a leading design company. Since moving to Cornwall several years ago Benís work has been taken up by several local galleries and he has had a number of one-man shows in the region, including one in April 2010 at the New Craftsman Gallery, St Ives. Ben lives in the countryside east of Penzance.

Benís paintings are heavily influenced by the landscapes of Penwith, evoking feelings and emotions conjured up by the weather conditions and the changing seasons. The works being shown in West Cornwall Perspectives were all painted in late winter 2010 when the Cornish countryside is bleak and isolated but with the first colours of spring beginning to show. Ben works with oil paints in several layers, creating different forms and textures that lead to the sense of atmosphere in the paintings.

As well as inside Cornwall, Benís paintings have been shown at exhibitions in several galleries across the country. His uninhibited painting style has already won him many followers and the success of his recent one-man show in St Ives points to a growing level of interest in his work.

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