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Bronze sculptures by John Piper

bronze figures, edition 5 of 9, 6-8in tall

£800 (set of 3)

It is always fascinating when an artist tries their hand at a different medium and especially so when it involves a shift from paintings to sculpture. We were therefore intrigued when John Piper told us he was waiting for some bronzes to arrive from the foundry. John is no stranger to three-dimensional work, having taught ceramics for a number of years in the 1970s. This, however, is his first venture into working in bronze and we're delighted to be showing the results here.

John has produced a set of three primitive figures, each signed and numbered on the base. They are in limited editions of nine. He writes:

My early paintings often had figures in the landscape. Figures invariably partly obscured by lichen-covered granite boulders. Whilst going through these older paintings and generally tidying up I also came across a block of modelling wax. The simple forms of figures standing on blocks of granite are the result. I have for many years been fascinated by the crudely fashioned votive figures found by archeologists dating back thousands of years and I suppose I had these in mind when modelling this group of figures.

John is, of course, still painting. His latest work can be found here.