Newsletter #16, May 2017

It's been a hectic last week, gathering together paintings, sculpture and ceramics ready for the first big art fair of the season, the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead. As well as wrapping all the artwork, there are plinths to build and paint, labels to print, even curtains to iron. From tomorrow I'll be onsite and it's always fascinating to see how everything comes together in a reasonably short time. A chaotic scene of chests, box, bags, blankets and more bubble wrap than you can imagine is gradually transformed, hopefully before the doors open to the public!

In the run-up to the fair I've collected a large number of new pieces of work from my artists. There are links to some of that below but please take a look at the website as there's too much for this email. If you can't make it to Hampstead you can always pay us a visit in Spitalfields afterwards.

Finally, thank you to everyone who made it along to our show in Marylebone last month. I was very pleased with the response to the work of our new artist, Jenny Woodhouse, as well as to the paintings of John Piper and Terry Whybrow, whose styles of painting have shifted slightly over the winter months. Not to forget Colin Caffell, whose latest pots based on the landscape of west Penwith were a great success. If you didn't make it you can see some of the work here.

I hope to see many of you soon.

Best wishes,


Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead, 11-14 May

It scarcely seems possible that this is already our 6th year at AAF Hampstead. If you've not been it's well worth a visit and quite different to the longer-established Battersea fairs, held in an enormous and airy marquee on the Lower Fairground Site.

This year I'll have sculpture by Chris Buck, pots by Colin Caffell, and paintings by Ben Catt, Mike Hindle, John Piper, Michael Praed, Iona Sanders, Elaine Turnbull and Terry Whybrow. If you'd like to come and don't yet have a ticket please reply to this email - I have a handful left that I can always leave on the door for you. For opening times see here.

New work: Iona Sanders

It was only a year ago that I first saw Iona's paintings in St Ives but they've already established themselves as mainstays at ELEVEN AND A HALF. Her whimsical take on everyday objects has attracted followers everywhere I've been, and she had a very successful show at the Penwith Gallery over the winter.

Iona's paintings for Hampstead are a continuation of the confident, vibrant, faux-naive still lifes we saw last year. Whether depicting a favourite teacup, a bowl of fruit or an arrangement of spring flowers, each exudes the warmth and freshness that is so admired in her work. You can have a sneak-preview of the new paintings here.

New work: Michael Praed

Michael Praed turned 75 last year but his desire to paint burns as strongly as ever. Even before he was a full-time painter, he always dedicated a large amount of time to his vocation and this remains unchanged today. He is well-known for never quite being satisfied with a painting. I have learned never to return my favourite paintings to him if they don't sell - inevitably they will be re-worked or even painted over.

With that in mind I'll certainly be holding onto the latest work. It has the quality of draughtsmanship and a crispness of colour that is so appreciated whenever I show Michael's paintings. The gentle reflections and hazy horizons continue to give a stillness to the work that few others achieve. Again, the full portfolio can be viewed here.

Recent acquisitions: John Miller, Ben Warner paintings

Perhaps inevitably, if you have a website trying to sell Cornish art, you field plenty of calls from people with Cornish art for sale. And, indeed, art from Turkmenistan and a host of other places, but that's of less interest here. I'm always happy to take a look at work by Cornish artists and to put a price on pieces private individuals are looking to sell.

This allows us to offer for sale work by artists we wouldn't normally deal with, and by artists who are no longer with us. Some recent acquisitions include 2 small gouaches by John Miller (right), one of the best known names in Cornish art in the late 20th century, and a view of Venice by Ben Warner, a contemporary painter whose work has many admirers. You can see these paintings and more here.

Dates for later in the year

  • 8th-10th September - Affordable Art Fair, Bristol
  • 18th-22nd October - Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
  • 9th-12th November - Cambridge City Art Fair
  • 17th-19th November - Edinburgh Art Fair
  • 28th Nov- 2nd Dec - 9th Annual Xmas Show, London

If you see something on our website that you'd like to take a closer look at in person, please give us a shout. You can come and visit us in Spitalfields to view the work or, if practical, I can bring it to you instead.

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