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Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead 2017
11th-14th May 2017
Lower Fairground Site, East Heath Road, Hampstead, NW3 1TH
opening hours: 11am-9.30pm Thu, 11am-6pm Fri, Sat, Sun

The Affordable Art Fair returns to Hampstead for a seventh time, this time in a new May slot. ELEVEN AND A HALF will be attending the fair for the fifth time, showing a selection of recent paintings by Ben Catt, Neil Davies, Mike Hindle, Robert Jones, John Piper, Michael Praed, Iona Sanders, Elizabeth Turnbull and Terry Whybrow as well as sculpture by Chris Buck and ceramics by Colin Caffell.

For visiting information and details of other exhibitors please refer to the fair's website. We have a limited number of half-price tickets available for the fair. To request one please contact us using the email address below.